About us

Wez Hague

"I am very proud of the service we offer at SCL, particularly with our service being so focused on quality. Between myself and Andy, we decided very early on that integrity would be our core belief when setting up SCL. When working in partnership with us, I can wholeheartedly say that you will have our full attention and commitment."

Andrew Beioley

"Having a vast amount of experience in the sports and leisure industry meant creating SCL was a no brainer. Working with schools who host facilities that I've played football matches on as a youngster gave me even more insight. The facilities we let out have such a big impact on the community they are a part of. It's a genuine pleasure to play a part in making sports and leisure more accessible."

With over 10 years experience in School lettings management, Wez and Andrew have built a reputation for quality customer service and bringing local communities together.

Why choose us?

We're familiar with team sports, and if we're going to be on the same team - you'll want to know how well we can fill our roles.

Fully managed School lettings service, with leisure assistants on site and integrated bookings system. 

We’re community focused, with emphasis on improving access to facilities for clubs, groups and organisations.

We employ local community members to be our leisure assistants, providing job opportunities in your area.

Contacts to multiple National Sport and Performing Arts organisations who’s trust we have gained.

Dedication to quality over quantity, keeping our partner schools at a low number to maintain high standards.

We promise no inappropriate price increases.

We have and will build on stablished relationships with clubs and groups within the community.

What makes us different

Our main competitors aim to grow nationally which dilutes standards and trust in the community.

We use an industry renown booking system that, based on the customers we have worked with, is preferred. 

Monthly payments instead of quarterly/yearly.

Direct and frequent contact with management team.

Rolling yearly contract.